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  • Gemstone and Crystal Magic

    Gemstone and Crystal Magic

    Gemstone and Crystal Magic: A Modern Witch's Guide to Using Stones for Spells, Amulets, Rituals, and Divination   A witch-friendly guide to working magic with gemstones and crystals. Gemstone and Crystal Magic is a practical and comprehensive guide to...

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  • Gemstones of the World

    Gemstones of the World

    OVERVIEW This is truly the ultimate one-volume book every hobbyist, jeweler, jewelry maker, and rockhound will ever need!   Following the spectacular success of the first four editions of Gemstones of the World, the revised fifth edition exhibits...

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  • Ghosts in the Cemetery

    Ghosts in the Cemetery

    A book unlike any other ghost book -- These are not the typical orb or streak-type ghosts that ghost hunters often get, but full formed, vaporous apparitions. The large color photos are evocative and draw you in as if you are actually standing there and...

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  • Green Magic

    Green Magic

    THE SACRED CONNECTION TO NATURE GREEN WITCHCRAFT SERIES SERIES #4 Practice a Craft grounded in the powers of nature, the wildwood magic of the elementals, of Mother Earth and the horned god. Kin to star and stone, water and wind, the practitioner of...

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  • Green Witchcraft II

    Green Witchcraft II

    GREEN WITCHCRAFT SERIES SERIES #2 Green Witches are deeply connected to the Earth and the cosmic balance of light and dark. They welcome the wisdom of the light and the shadow sides of nature, the self, and the Divine to grow more whole in magic and...

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  • Green Witchcraft IV

    Green Witchcraft IV

    WALKING THE FAERIE PATH GREEN WITCHCRAFT SERIES SERIES #9 Open a Portal to the Otherworld   Ann Moura's bestselling Green Witchcraft series continues with this book of secrets exploring the Faerie realm. Full of first-person accounts of profound...

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  • Grimoire of Aleister Crowley

    Grimoire of Aleister Crowley

    Grimoire of Aleister Crowley Group Magick Rituals Group ritual has been a cornerstone of spiritual practice since time immemorial, yet its history and importance have often been overlooked by occultists of the modern age. This book is the first...

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  • Guides Guardians And Angels

    Guides Guardians And Angels

    ENHANCE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS We may not see or hear them, but angels and spirit guides are always with us. From building healthy relationships to attaining career goals to experiencing spiritual growth, these divine companions are...

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  • Handwriting Analysis

    Handwriting Analysis

    Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Understanding Personalities is a fascinating and revealing look at handwriting as a window to behavior. In thirteen chapters of well-written text and more than 100 writing samples, the basics and the finer nuances of...

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