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  • Animal Dreaming Book

    Animal Dreaming Book

    THE SYMBOLIC AND SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF THE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS Featuring an in-depth exploration of the Dreamtime and of Australia's seasonal wheel of the year, as well as a guide to finding your own Australian animal totem, Animal Dreaming explores the...

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  • Appalachian Folk Healing

    Appalachian Folk Healing

    Ossman & Steel's Classic Household Guide to Appalachian Folk Healing: A Collection of Old-Time Remedies, Charms, and Spells   A long-treasured but forgotten classic of folk healing, with an introduction and commentary by the author of Backwoods...

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  • Art Of Mediumship

    Art Of Mediumship

    The evidence for life after death is overwhelming, and scientists, from Professor William James to Dr. Gary Schwartz, have validated after-life communication. In The Art of Mediumship, discover what really goes on in a seance. Find out how mediums such...

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  • Astral Projection

    Astral Projection

    Far more than just a scholarly dissertation on out-of-body experiences, Astral Projections examines the scientific and non-scientific evidence of this amazing occurrence. You'll find everything from controlled laboratory experiments to Steiger's work...

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  • Astrology Bible

    Astrology Bible

      THE  ASTROLOGY BIBLE  The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac by Judy Hall   Many of the millions who read their daily horoscopes want a better understanding of astrology--and here is the perfect, comprehensive, and great looking guide to teach them...

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  • Barefoot Wisdom

    Barefoot Wisdom

    Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Groundingby Sharon Whiteley (Author),Ann Marie Chiasson (Author)   Discover how to reconnect with nature’s energy and step into better health by grounding. Grounding means tapping into the Earth’s freely available,...

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