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Taper Candles

  • Bleeding Taper Candle 10"

    Bleeding Taper Candle 10"

    From candlelit dinners to eerie mood lighting, our vampire blood taper candles will entrance guests with their eye-catching, bleeding wax effect. Place these black and red candlesticks in an ornate candelabra for a truly bewitching display when the warm...

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  • Ritual Candle Taper Jumbo 9" Select Colors

    Candle Taper Jumbo 9" Ritual Select Colors

    9 inches by 1 1/2 inch diameter. Much used for Hoodoo spell crafting and ritual workings. Because they are large it is easy to carve words, sigils and other magical symbols in the wax. Burn Time approximately 30 hours. Color Pigments May Vary From Photo.

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  • Taper Candle 12" assorted colors

    Taper Candle 12" Assorted Colors

    Taper Candle 12" Assorted Colors - red, orange yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, black, gold, silver, white Product code: 81560UPC: 886354815602Shipping Weight: 1.61 poundsHeight in Inches: 12Width in Inches: 5Length in Inches: 1.5

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  • 6" taper candles in assorted colors

    Taper Candle 6" Asst Colors

     6" Taper Candles in assorted colors.  Perfect for meditation, prayers, and rituals  Colors may vary from picture   COLOR MEANINGS   Black Candle - Safety, Protection, Banish Negativity, Pride.   Blue Candle - Protection, Focus, Forgiveness, Truth,...

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