How To Become a Mage

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KK Albert with Jean Louias de Biasi


A Vital Work in the History of Occultism From the Notorious Provocateur Joséphin Péladan

How to Become a Mage is the first English translation of the enormously influential occultist Joséphin Péladan. This book is a fascinating display of nineteenth-century French thought, sharing audacious ideas on overcoming the pitfalls of status-quo society while perfecting and purifying one’s own soul in preparation for transcendence and sacred transformation. Péladan was committed to the belief that the best way to enter into communion with the divine was through magic and the arts. He played a key role in fin-de-siècle culture, expounding upon the spiritual weight of physical, intellectual, familial, and creative pursuits while guiding young seekers toward a radical reassessment of the values and activities of contemporary life.


About the Author
Joséphin Péladan (1858–1918) was a flamboyant personality and controversial media celebrity as well as the author of combative art criticism and a series of novels with occult themes. Péladan also wrote influential non-fiction works on occult topics committed to the belief that the best way for modern Europeans to enter into communion with the guiding intelligences of humanity was through magic and the arts. He played a key role in reviving Rosicrucianism and provided a spiritual and intellectual backdrop to fin-de-siècle French symbolism. His ideas influenced the leading artists of the day, including composers Claude Debussy and Erik Satie and writer Antonin Artaud.


K. K. Albert is a translator based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her master of fine arts degree and her years of practice in a variety of creative pursuits has led her to appreciate Péladan's teachings about aestheticism. She has intensively studied astrology, tarot, zen, the I Ching, meditation, Qabalah, theosophy, and dreamwork. Additionally, she is an expert in French language and culture.


Jean-Louis de Biasi is an author, lecturer, and philosopher. He is also a certified yoga teacher practicing several branches of yoga for more than forty years. He has been initiated into the highest degrees of several Western traditions, is the Grand Master of the Aurum Solis – Mediterranean Yoga, and G. P. of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross. Prior to his involvement in American Freemasonry, he received the highest degrees in Freemasonry in Europe including the degrees of Egyptian Freemasonry. He specializes in Esoteric Freemasonry and rituals. With his wife Patricia, he is managing the international organizations mentioned before and teaching the 8 rays of Mediterranean Yoga all over the world. To learn more about Jean-Louis de Biasi, please visit him online at: www.debiasi.org.


One of the most respected writers and teachers in the occult field today, John Michael Greer has written more than fifty books on esoteric traditions, nature spirituality, and the future of industrial society. An initiate in Druidic, Hermetic, and Masonic lineages, he served for twelve years as Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA). He lives in Rhode Island, USA with his wife Sara. He can be found online at www.EcoSophia.net.


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