Gem Spray by Harmonia

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Gem Spray by Harmonia 5 OZ (150 ml) 

Intention sprays combining the power of essential oils and crystals by Harmonia

Patchouli Clarity Quartz Clear

Jasmine Divine Connection Moonstone Rainbow,

Sandalwood Grounding Hematite,

Ginger Love Emerald,

Ylang Ylang Garnet Passion,

Vetiver Protection Tourmaline

Black,Rose Universal Love Quartz Rose,

Prosperity - Orange - Citrine,

Healing - Lavender - Amethyst,

Guidance - Frankincense - Angelite

Shipping Weight: 0.39 pounds

Height in Inches: 6.5

Diameter in Inches: 1.5

Made in India



Clarity Spray with Patchouli Essential Oil and Clear Quartz - Quartz is a high vibration stone that is a  master healer and purifier.


Divine Connection Spray with Jasmine Essential Oil and Rainbow Moonstone Crystals - Rainbow Moonstone can  bring balance, harmony and hope It also helps with psychic perception.


Grounding Spray with Sandalwood Essential Oil and Hematite Crystals - Hematite is a grounding and balancing stone.


Guidance Spray with Frankincense Essential Oil and Angelitle Crystals - Angelite helps you communicates with your spiritual guides 



Healing Spray with Lavender Essential Oil and Amethyst Crystals - Amethyst stones are powerful, protective stones that guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and sending healing energy


Love Spray with Ginger Essential Oil and Emerald Crystals - Emerald attracts love to you and improves communication



Passion Spray with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Garnet Crystals - Garnet brings love, energy, connection and passion.


Prosperity Spray with Orange Essential Oil and Citrine Crystals - Citrine is the Success Stone, bringing you prosperity, joy and energy.


Protection Spray with Vetiver Essential Oil and Black Tourmaline Crystals - Black Troumaline is a powerful protection stone. transmuting negative energy around you to positive.


Universal Love Spray with Rose Essential Oil and Rose Quartz Crystals - Rose Quartz is a stone for unconditional Love, for yourself and everyone.

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