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Candle Pillar Wicked Witch Mojo Candles

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Candle Pillar Wicked Witch Mojo Candles  Size: 2"x 4" Pillar  Burn Time: 40 Hours


Sometimes you need a little Wicked to spark your Mojo.  This "Dorothy Dozen" of powerful tongue-in-cheek magic spell candles will make you laugh out loud and take the drama out of whatever is dragging you down. "I like mojo. That's because it's the easiest magic on the face of the Earth. You set the tone, name your intent, light the candle, and the magic happens. It's as easy as that   ~ Dorothy Morrison


Select from the following candles:


Bitch Be Gone - When you've had enough, this Bitch Be Gone spell is so powerfully effective your target may disappear into thin air!  Words of Mojo: You're a bonafide ass and I've had enough of the trouble you've caused, so I'm calling your bluff. Pack up your crap and get out of my sight. I'll throw a party, because…bitch, you'll be gone.  Color: Bright Orange  Scent: Musky, sweet scent


Come to Mama - is a Musk and Peony blend in an amber 2”x4” 40 hour burn time candle.  "When Attraction is the quest, 'Come to Mama' does it best!" - Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo 


Everything and Then Some - "Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? You deserve everything... and then some!" Dorothy Morrison.  Words of Mojo: Manifest quickly! Come now to me the glory I want, the success that I seek. Birth all of my dreams, make my wishes come true. Give them strength and bring them power. Make them real through and through. Make all that I do meet with sure-fire success. Everything - and then some - is mine to possess.  Color: Golden Yellow  Scent: Sandalwood and Peony


Fast Cash - "Money may not buy happiness but I've never seen anyone mad as hell because they just won the lottery." Dorothy Morrison.  Words of Mojo: Cash in my pockets cash in my hands, an overstuffed wallet is what I demand. Bring it fast!  Color: Green  Scent: Cedarwood and Honeysuckle Blend 


Flying Monkeys - is a sandalwood and myrrh blend in a purple 2”x4” 40 hour burn time candle.   "Locks and bolts are fine, but nothing does the job like a band of flying monkeys!" -   Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo  Words of Mojo: This is MY road of gold you are on & you don’t have an invitation. Be warned! My flying monkeys are by my side, one more step and they will be released.


Forever Mine - A Love Spell that makes you feel young and forever lovable. Forever Mine conjures up a human confection that fits like a glove; body, heart, and soul.  Word of Mojo: Conjure me up a forever love, a human confection that fits like a glove. One who melts my heart with a single glance. Whose touch kindles the flames of romance.  Color: Hot Pink  Scent: Sexy, spicy aroma


It Sucks To Be You - "You messed with the witch?! Well! All I can say is...it sucks to be you!" Dorothy Morrison  Words of Mojo: I hold my ground as my fire burns you. You can push and push and push but you have touched the immovable wall. It sucks to be you. A waste of energy, a fruitless endeavor for the more you mess with me, the more miserable you’ll be.  Color: Black  Scent:  Ginger and Vanilla blend


Makin' Tracks - is a juniper and peony blend in an orange 2" x 4" 40 hour candle.  "It's the next best thing to hiring a moving van and packing those nasty folks yourself!" - Dorothy Morrison  Words of Mojo: I name you _____________ to leave my place, leave my presence, and leave my LIFE! Make tracks fool! You are no longer comfortable here and this is not your home. Your welcome is worn and you will be long gone by the next change of the moon.   


Outta My Way - “Outta my way I say! I have things to do, wishes to fulfill, and dreams to manifest. Outta my way I say! I have ideas to share and plans to realize. Outta my way I say! Cuz I will run you over if I must!” Dorothy Morrison  Words of Mojo: ""Obliterate obstacles, open doors, and unclog creative flow: It's the ultimate magical drain opener!""  Color: Teal  Scent: Frankincense and Lemongrass blend


Poof! - is a sandalwood and ginger blend in a Cream 2”x4” 40 hour candle. "This banishing formula works faster than spontaneous combustion - and isn’t nearly as messy!" - Dorothy Morrison   Words of Mojo: These words have power - these words ring true: Get away from me NOW! That’s what you must do! Animal or mineral, man or thing, be gone with you or feel my zing. I have the candle. I have the proof. I light the flame and you go...POOF!


Red Stilettos - is a jasmine and orange blossom in a strawberry red 2”x4” 40 hour burn time candle.  "Candy is dandy. But nothing - not even the finest Belgian chocolate - beats wild, hot jungle sex!" - Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo: Anticipation grows as the moment closes in. Eyes, hearts, and passions meet; igniting flames that only a wild night can tame. Temptations wrap around our minds, craving a taste of the forbidden fruit of lust we reach and find we are consumed.


Shut Your Mouth - is an amber, Rose and Nutmeg in an Avocado 2”x4” candle with a 40 hour burn time. "Tired of folks talking trash? Even a good old-fashioned slap in the mouth never worked this well!"- Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo: Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can scar forever. Shut your mouth and bite your tongue! You never were that clever. Your cheap, trash talk does not impress. Your cronies? Gone. Ties severed. Your mouth is now bound from the hurtful talk! No more gossip whatsoever!


Tornado Alley - "Getting rid of hexes, curses, and crazy-makers energy can be a bit tricky. But it’s child’s play to the obliterating forces of Tornado Alley!" Dorothy Morrison.  Words of Mojo: Not hexes nor curses nor evil can lurk with Tornado Alley on the job and at work! Not tricks nor play nor dastardly deeds can stop this gusting force of speed. Gone from here and pulled by force, lost to the winds and lacking course. It frees my space and my mind, peace of spirit is all I now find!  Color: White  Scent: Myrrh, Juniper, and Balsam Peru blend


Wakin the Dead - If you want your Ancestors to help you, you've gotta wake them up. Light this candle and recite the incantation. Your ancestors won't be able to resist coming to your aid.  Words of Mojo: Wake up! I'm calling you. You who cleared the path I now tread. I honor you truly with mind, soul, and heart. We are many but never apart.  Color: Eggplant  Scent: Warm, spicy, floral scent


Wishin - "You can waste your time wishing on stars…or mojo those wishes and make them come true!" Dorothy Morrison  Words of Mojo: You can wish upon a candle, you can wish upon a star, OR you can wish upon yourself and let YOUR mojo take you far! Just whisper your dreams in your own, little ear, and watch as they make themselves simply appear!  Color: Hot Pink  Scent: Dragons-Blood Sage and Sandalwood scent



Note: Remove all packaging before lighting. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Place in a fire-safe container. Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets.

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