Welcome to Mythic Treasures' New Online Store

It's been a long time coming!

It's always been a goal of ,mine to create a virtual store,  One where you could browse through all the goodies we have in the store, so you could then either decide to see it in person. (which I highly recommend) or order online (second best option).  Since we have over 20,000 products this wasn't going to be easy.

Then Covid hit, and it became apparent that it was a necessity to get the online store up and running.  Unfortunately Covid also hit my employees and trying to find people for the project was getting harder.  So we decided to create the site and bring up one category at a time.  In manageable pieces (we hope)  So if you are reading this you are seeing the beginning of our creation.  We will be adding more products daily..  

If you have any suggestions or concerns let us know.  Though we've been in business for over 30 years the online stuff is kind of new, so please be patient with us!  In these crazy times we are really trying hard to get this right!