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Geological Info

Enhydro agates are agates or stones that have water trapped inside.  They are made up of banded microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz which has a hollow center, partially containing water. Enhydro agates can also contain debris or petroleum. Because the cavity is not full, the agate can produce sound from being shaken. 


Enhydros are formed when water penetrates volcanic rock, forming layers. As layers build up, it creates a cavity in which water becomes trapped. Adding more layers creates a shell around the water.  The water trapped inside can be million of years old.


Metaphysical Info


Enhydros balance the elements earth and water, and is also influenced by the fire element through the volcanic rock.  It can bring about positive changes, emotional balancing, better understanding of emotional feelings of other people.  It helps you adapt to changes in your life and overcome challenges.  Enhydros make you feel happy and good about yourself.

Health Risks:
Do not drinik the water inside it, it is poisonous.
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