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Tarot Médiéval

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Tarot Médiéval: The Mysteries of the Initiate's Path


The history of Tarot Médiéval reads like an adventure novel. It was a French Tarot originally written by Francis Rolt-Wheeler and artist Christian Loring but published in the fateful year of 1939. Following the fall of France in June 1940, it seems not to have survived, and few copies of the original remain. Caitlín Matthews has translated and edited Rolt-Wheeler’s text and written new material for this beautiful Tarot, whose art has been painstakingly restored by renowned artist Wil Kinghan. Tarot Médiéval has a luminous, dreamlike, medieval setting, with fully illustrated 22 Major Arcana, 16 Court Cards, and 40 Pip cards in the suits of Cups, Swords, Scepters (Wands), and Shekels (Coins). Each card explores the symbolic, initiatic, Kabbalistic, numerological, astrological, and divinatory significances, to nourish the spiritual life. The historical and magical context of this extraordinary deck is rooted in the Oswald Wirth school of Tarot, and Caitlín has provided new ways of using the cards that give meditational paths to explore it in a deeper way. This is a Tarot whose time has come, and an inward adventure of a lifetime is waiting in the cards.


About the Author
Caitlín Matthews is the author of many books on the art of divination, including Untold Tarot: The Lost Art of Reading Ancient Tarots, the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, The Art of Celtic Seership, and The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook. She teaches internationally, appearing regularly at Tarot conferences worldwide.

Wil Kinghan is an artist, writer, and a shamanic practitioner who has worked on a number of Tarot projects. He also lives in Oxford, UK.


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