Sphalerite Aura-Coated Sphere 2.3" - 3" - Select

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Material: Sphalerite.
Diameter: approximately 2.3-3in(6-7.5cm).


Sphalerite relates to the Greek word meaning 'treacherous' or 'deceitful'.  Early miners would be disappointed when they found it because they thought it was Galena., a lead ore.  Sphalererite is a zinc ore. This crystal comes in quite a few colors - black, brown, red, yellow, green, white and even colorless stone.  It is one of the minerals that are said to be contained in Auralite 23 crystals.  Often has druzes of calcite and/or quartz.


It is an excellent grounding crystal., grounding both your nervous system and spiritually.e.  It also grounds the lower 3 chakras.  It also is a good healing crystal for the lower 3 chakras.
It is said to boost stamina, passion and overall energy. It is helpful to use if you have been doing a lot of meditation with crystals that stimulate the higher chakras; the third eye chakra, and crown chakra.


It can be helpful keeping it on your body as it helps you to discern between the truth and lies.. 


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