Iolite aka Cordierite w/ Black Mica Tumbled Stone .5"-1"

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Iolite aka Cordierite w/ Black Mica Tumbled Stone .5"-1"


Iolite, also known as "water sapphire" or "Vikings' Compass," is a gemstone that belongs to the mineral group known as the cordierite group. It is a silicate mineral with the chemical formula (Mg,Fe)2Al4Si5O18. Iolite typically occurs as transparent to translucent crystals with a vitreous or glassy luster.


Iolite's most distinctive feature is its pleochroism, which means it displays different colors when viewed from different angles. It typically exhibits shades of blue, violet, and sometimes gray or yellow-brown. This characteristic makes iolite a visually captivating gemstone.


The name "Vikings' Compass" is derived from historical accounts stating that Vikings used iolite as a navigational tool. They reportedly used its pleochroic property to determine the direction of the sun even when it was obscured by clouds or fog.


Metaphysical Meaning:


Iolite is believed to enhance intuition, clarity of thought, and inner vision. It is said to stimulate the third eye chakra and assist in spiritual growth and self-discovery. Iolite has been used by shamans to enhance their spiritual visions. Iolite also conveys a spirit of adventure and exploration. This aids in a drive towards enlightenment. 


Mineral Care:


Iolite is considered to have a good level of durability and is relatively resistant to everyday wear and tear. However, it is important to handle iolite with care to minimize the risk of damage. Here are some factors related to the fragility of iolite:

  1. Hardness: Iolite has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which indicates that it is moderately hard and can withstand normal handling without being easily scratched. However, it is still softer than gemstones with higher hardness, such as diamonds or sapphires. It is advisable to avoid contact with harder materials to prevent potential scratches or abrasions.

  2. Cleavage: Iolite has distinct cleavage planes, which means it can break or split along specific directions more easily than in other directions. Although iolite's cleavage is generally considered to be moderate, care should be taken to avoid applying excessive pressure or force in the direction of the cleavage planes to prevent any unintended fractures or breakage.

  3. Impact and Pressure: Like most gemstones, iolite can be susceptible to damage from sudden impacts or excessive pressure. Dropping iolite or subjecting it to high levels of pressure can cause fractures or breakage. It is important to handle iolite gently and protect it from accidental impacts.

To preserve the condition of iolite, it is recommended to store it separately from other gemstones or objects that may scratch or damage it. When cleaning iolite, use a mild soapy water solution and a soft brush or cloth to gently remove dirt or debris. Avoid exposing iolite to harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners, as they may cause damage.



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