Galena Rough Stone Specimen approx 200 gms 2-3"

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Galena Rough Stone approx 200 gms 2-3"


Galena is one of the ultimate grounding stones that exist. It has a very stimulating and balancing energy that can remove emotional blocks, and it will infuse you with a strong ‘can do’ attitude.


This stone will open your mind to new concepts. It will also absorb negative energies and convert them to useful and uplifting energies.


Galena will bring stability and security to areas of your life where there’s confusion, conflict, or overworked emotions.


Galena crystal meanings and properties

It’s used to ground and center your energies, and it will harmoniously open new pathways to wisdom and enlightenment.


It will promote peace and harmony, and it will encourage you to be more loving, forgiving, and understanding.


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